Vision and Mission

About Vitli Krpan
Since 1977



Our vision is clear – to be the BEST! 

The goals which help us rise to the very top are measurable and precisely defined, though not easily reachable, by any means. We will strive to fulfil every customer’s desire and requirement in order to justify their trust.

Our work environment is inspiring and full of challenges; teamwork motivates us to find the joy, the guidance, and the inspiration to be the best!  


We satisfy customers by providing quality products at realistic prices, and excellent after-sale service. Factors, such as the development of our company, extensive experience, customer knowledge and suggestions, precise testing, and operation in various conditions provide for high work safety, simple use, and a warranty for all of our products. We benefit our employees since we provide a safe and comfortable work environment and the opportunity for personal and professional development. Through our responsible attitude to the work and natural environment, we respect every aspect of business values.

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