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About Vitli Krpan
Since 1977

Tradition, quality, respect & teamwork

Vitli KRPAN is proud to be the company with the longest tradition in production of forestry winches in Slovenia which started in 1977. Several decades of experience in this field clearly serve as the company’s major competitive advantage, as well as a guarantee for quality, durability and the“strength”of its products.

The forestry winch still remains the most important product and the company is today a world-renowned manufacturer of forestry winches. The production range also includes hydraulic log splitters, tractor tipper boxes, circular saws with conveyor belts, firewood bundlers and wood grapples, which contribute to an increasing market share in domestic and foreign markets. We are proud to enrich our offer and launch forestry trailers with cranes and firewood processors. 

Vitli KRPAN is the only European company providing a 3-year warranty for its robust, reliable products with a distinct design and long-term use. Furthermore, the products are available at more than reasonable prices.


KRPAN was awarded numerous golden, silver and bronze medals at the Slovenian most important agricultural exhibition, silver and bronze guild granted by the Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia for outstanding products, commendation of municipality of Celje. 

In addition, we were awarded complementary titles Craftsman of the year 2005 and Entrepreneur of the year 2016. In 2016, we also won the German KWF Innovation Award, which is a great incentive for future work. In the field of intellectual property, KRPAN owns several international patents, registered designs and marks.


We are the proud owner of the TÜV SÜD Certificate.


Our vision is clear – to be the BEST!

The goals which help us rise to the very top are measurable and precisely defined, though not easily reachable, by any means. We will strive to fulfil every customer’s desire and requirement in order to justify their trust.

Our work environment is inspiring and full of challenges; teamwork motivates us to find the joy, the guidance, and the inspiration to be the best!  


We satisfy customers by providing quality products at realistic prices, and excellent after-sale service. Factors, such as the development of our company, extensive experience, customer knowledge and suggestions, precise testing, and operation in various conditions provide for high work safety, simple use, and a warranty for all of our products. We benefit our employees since we provide a safe and comfortable work environment and the opportunity for personal and professional development. Through our responsible attitude to the work and natural environment, we respect every aspect of business values.


The beginnings were the most difficult. It all began as a part time activity in 1971, in the “workshop” of 3 square meters. It was a room where the deceased father used to perform all kinds of repairs typical on a farm in those days. The very first product was a »rubber cart«, a very popular cattle harness. 

First winches were produced in year 1977, which makes Krpan the first producer of tractor logging winches in Slovenia. Over the years, Krpan grew to the biggest logging winch producer in Europe. 

Winches KRPAN are the result of our own development, years of experience, knowledge and feedback from our customers. Least but not last, their performance has been tested under many different circumstances. KRPAN Winches are distinguished by their safety, functionality and quality.


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