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Forestry Trailers With Cranes

KRPAN GP 12 D with KRPAN GD 7.4 K

Forestry trailer with crane is one of the latest KRPAN product lines.

Forestry Cranes

KRPAN GP 12 D with KRPAN GD 7.4 K

Modern designed KRPAN forestry cranes with high lifting capacity are made entirely of durable materials of highest quality. 


Energy Wood Head

KS 200

All KRPAN grabs are made of fine-grained steel with blades made of HARDOX 450. 

Instead of a grab, you can use energy wood head KS 200 with the crane to clean and remove bush and trees of diameter up to 200 mm. The HARDOX blade will cut the trees or bush, which can be stored onto the trailer right away. By removing the blade, the energy wood head can be used as a grab.  

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