Forestry Winches

  • E and ER series
  • EH series
  • DH series
  • Double-drum winches

E and ER series

Forestry winch KRPAN 5.5 ER

as the most important factor, is provided and reassured through construction solutions that suit the EU safety codes (CE) and through testing at the German institute (GS).

EH series

Forestry winch KRPAN 9.5 EH

WINCH 5,5 FEH is a combined winch for front or rear hydraulic attachment, which enables greater versatility of the tractor. With the winch being attached at the front, the rear three point linkage remains available for other attachments. 

DH series

Forestry winch KRPAN 8,5 DH

The newly designed DH winches with constant pulling capacity and differential drive enables quiet operation and excellent drive efficiency. Long service life without major repairs and small maintenance are secured.

Double-drum winches

Double-drum forestry winch KRPAN 2x10EH

KRPAN offers double drum winches with 2 x 80 or 2 x 100 kN pulling capacity. You can choose between fixed installation or three-point linkage system. The winches with three-point linkage are available with fixed or folding butt plate.

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