Log Splitters

  • Symbolic picture
    Symbolic picture

CV 14 E pro 400 V

Drive Electric motor
Splitting Force 13 t
Recommended Tractor Power HP

Standard equipment

  • "2 Speed Automatic" valve with two automatic splitting speed levels, depending on operating load on the wedge/ Cast-iron pump, Integrated double-bottom tank containing a large volume of oil

Tehnical features

Drive Electric motor
Drive Power 5,5 kW / 7,5 HP
Splitting Force 13 t
Piston Hub 970 mm
Splitting Height 550/1100 mm
Splitting Speed (S2- S1)-R*(s/1000mm) (4,9-8,7)-3,9
Oil Flow 27 (1400) min-1
Oil Quantity in Tank 30 l
Recommended Tractor Power /
Dimensions W×L×H×(Ht)** 805×1160×2840×(1850) mm
Weight 402 kg
Table with extension and lifting device plate Optional
Cast-Iron Pump /
Winch (750kg) /
*S2- second gear; S1- first gear; R – reverse movement of the cylinder
** HT – transport height; transport height with winch is 2100 mm

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