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Cogeneration CHP

Technical data of small scale wood gasification plant SOKO CHP-50 E:
Biomass power plant - medium scale gasifier SOKO CHP-50E
Electrical power 50 kWel
Heat power 90 kWth
Wood chip quality Wood chips
Max. water content < 40 %
Max. fines (< 4 mm grain size) 30 %
Wood chip consumption* 0,75 kg/kWhel
Outlet temperature 85°C
Return temperature 65°C
* Wood chips of size P16 according to EN ISO 17225-1: particle size, P16 (≥ 75% in the range of 3.15 mm to 16 mm, ≤ 5% fines (smaller than range) and ≤ 3% larger than the size), fines F05, moisture M10, ash A0.5 and LHV Q16. Definition complies with widely recognised Austrian ÖNORM M7133 quality types G30 and G50. Based on LHV(MAF) = 18 MJ/kg.

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